Adult Training Facility

Come and feel the adrenaline pulsating through your veins, the excitement, the action and the fun!!!

The maze has long and narrow corridors that occasionally require crawling and climbing.
Large and small rooms behind doors, and especially a lot of attackers who will surprise you and you will have to deal with them and demonstrate your ability in Self-Defense.
This is not another routine training session, this is the real thing!
In addition, we have built training stations outside the maze that will challenge you physically and mentally.
The beauty of all this, is that the maze is suitable for everyone – does not need previous experience.
Just have to dare and believe we can do it 🙂

An experience of success that will burn in you!
Come and say … I can! I did it!

So what are you waiting for ???
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Self-Defense for Children and Youth


  • Empowerment – lead to a significant and noticeable improvement in self-belief and self-confidence that will be reflected in the various frameworks in the life routine
  • Social and personal awareness
  • Learning and practicing self-defense techniques specific to bullying situations
  • Providing unique and specific knowledge
  • Personal satisfaction and enjoyment
  • Dealing with challenges

Training Camp Program
The curriculum is theoretical and practical and focuses on:

  • Understanding the principles of Krav Maga – self-defense guidelines
  • The formula for self-defense
  • The distinction between self-defense and violence
  • Practice Krav Maga techniques (self-defense)
  • Life skills – improving coping skills – regulation, dealing with frustration, let go (knowing when it’s right and when it’s not)
  • Belonging – I’m not alone!
  • Fear – when positive and protecting me and when I am required to dare
  • Status-compatible response – practice correct and quick decision making in stressful situations
  • Bullying – coping during an event and between events
  • Improving the ability to set boundaries – customizing how and when
  • Preventive thinking – from understanding and not out of emotional distress
  • Pre-Fight – Code of Conduct – Clear rules in verbal and / or physical confrontation situations to prevent escalation
  • Event – modes of action and correct decision making
  • The distinction between “firmness” and “aggressiveness”
  • Self-confidence – the use of voice & gaze & body language and walking, appearance & initial impression
  • Situation analysis & interpretation
  • Practicing outdoors – Dealing with everyday scenarios in school and in public park
  • History of the Krav Maga method, which was born in response to bullying

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Children with Special Needs


  • Empowerment – establishing and strengthening self-belief and accordingly the self-esteem
  • Relevance – training in the reality situations relevant to the training group and in personalization by mediating the situation
  • Situation-compatible response – Improving the ability to respond appropriately to changing situations by building a toolbox of responses based on understanding situations
  • Calming and venting – Giving legitimacy and emotional validity


  • Development of life skills (with an emphasis on regulation, dealing with frustration, problem solving and accepting the other)
  • Customized self-defense skills – Physical movement, cognitive and emotional
  • Self-Confidence – use of voice, gaze, body language and posture
  • protectiveness – Dangers in the natural environment, body boundaries and understanding when something is “unpleasant”
  • Understanding situations – the ability to set boundaries. How and when in accordance with the personal resources of the trainee
  • Decision Making
  • Appropriate response
  • Personal interpretation and the direct connection to understanding situations
  • physical education – Development of the five components of physical fitness, with an emphasis on the critical components for the age group and physical coping abilities

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Training facility for children and youth

The “Maze” is a unique training facility. A sweeping and unforgettable field experience in a professional, safe and unique training facility in Israel, in a complex that is opened just for you, for a limited time.
Stability and a sense of security are part of a number of measures of family’s resilience.
We invite you, dear families, to further strengthen your child and your family resilience.

We built a huge maze, built of 2.5-meter-high hay cubes! Long and narrow corridors, crawling and climbing. Large and small rooms behind doors and especially a lot of tasks you’re going to have to deal with and demonstrate your self-defense ability.

Dear parents, this is a fun day of family formation.
Exploiting the values of cooperation and helping others while enhancing children’s sense of ability, girls and boys alike. Enter the maze with your children. Experience them and with them, challenges and tasks and especially fun and enjoyment.
We invite you to join our family 🙂

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Companies and Organizations

In recent years we have collaborated with a number of organizations in creating a unique and exclusive experience for corporate events, ongoing activities and consolidation. We combine Krav Maga training with the values ​​of teamwork, creative thinking, shifting negative emotions, empowerment, communication and excellence.

Our workshops provide the company’s employees with a special and strong personal and group experience.

The activity is suitable for any person of any age and any physical condition – Different thought and physical interaction than most people know.

A variety of types of activities are available to you:
– one-time workshops
– experiential lectures with / without physical training
– seminars
– and multi-session workshops.
Everything is customized to the needs of the company and the customer and in accordance with the characterization of the training group.

Among our business clients: FIVERR, Alon Towers Tel Aviv, Meir Mizrahi Law Office, the Ministry of Education, Teachers, the Ministry of Welfare and more.

We will be happy to tailor a unique self-defense experience with some of the best people in the world in the field.

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Our Vision

Bottom line, what do we wish for ourselves and for our children? Health, joy of life, self-fulfillment and success in whatever one chooses to do. We, as those who have accompanied, mentored and educated many thousands of men and women, teenagers and children of all ages – are convinced that this is in fact the goal of any educational system.

Why do we send our children to study if not to ensure their health, fulfillment, joy and success? This is why we always emphasize unequivocally: The Israeli Krav Maga Academy is much more than a Krav Maga training center. This is a content world that touches on all aspects of our lives. It is an advanced learning system that gives us and our children the ability not only to take care of themselves and cope better with life’s challenges, but also to flourish and thrive personally, professionally and socially. What exactly is it about?

From our vast experience as instructors and teacher educators, from the vast knowledge we have gained from the glorious legacy of the Krav Maga method and as a result of an orderly and dedicated educational approach – we have developed a living, smart, attentive and empowering learning system that gives us and our children the following three great abilities:

  1. The ability to protect ourselves from violence – physical, verbal and emotional
  2. The ability to build and cultivate a strong, healthy and supportive emotional inner world
  3. The ability to grow as people who fulfill themselves, contribute to society and are contributed by it

The uniqueness of the Israeli Krav Maga Academy is that it has built itself on the basis of acquiring these capabilities. The academy was originally built as a training center that is its purpose – and therefore it has succeeded in achieving far-reaching achievements in the processes of training, education and empowerment among adults and above all – among our future generations, children and youth. Over the years, the heads of the academy, Shachar Izraeli and Elad Binenfeld, international experts in the Krav Maga method, have built and delivered training sets that achieve results, provide self-confidence, vital emotional abilities and life skills that develop resilience and self-fulfillment – Even among populations whose starting point was particularly complex and challenging. The basic premise of the academy is that every person of all ages deserves to have the best tools that will allow him to express and fulfill himself optimally and live in a safe, supportive and empowering space.

Today the academy is a school that trains schools. The Israel Krav Maga Academy is an international center that aims to train as many learning centers around the world as possible, which use its training method, assimilate it in the education and training systems, in private and public settings, small and large – thus providing as many generations with tools for security and self-fulfillment And ensure growing personal and social resilience and prosperity. The establishment and training of training centers that are successful both professionally and organizationally – is not a simple craft. It is a whole set of knowledge, values, teaching methods and complex educational dynamics. After all, in every country and in every context – the reality is different and there are other challenges and populations with different mental and cultural backgrounds. Not only are the trainees different, but also the teachers are different, the education systems are different and the mental and behavioral habits are different and changing. Therefore, the Israeli Krav Maga Academy has used its great and international experience and developed a refined, universal method that includes everything that needs to be learned, established and done in order to succeed in any context, among any country, for any type of population and in the face of any challenge. It is a method that has clear lines, boundaries and mechanisms. The method incorporates the flexible and open components that allow for the adjustment and development required For any context, in order to be successful. The academy’s training program is very comprehensive because it works to ensure that the new training centers are successful both professionally and organizationally and commercially – all as needed.

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Shachar Izraeli and Elad Binenfeld have a vision – that every boy and girl in the world will know how to protect themselves!

Shachar and Elad grew up in the International Krav Maga Federation – IKMF. Eyal Yanilov, Gabi Noah, Eli Ben-Ami and Avi Moyal were their teachers from 1997-2009. The two founded the Israeli Krav Maga  Academy – KMA ISRAEL in 2010 and since then tens of thousands of trainees and instructors have passed under them in Israel and abroad.

The organization was established with the aim of promoting, developing and preserving the Krav Maga method. After more than 20 consecutive years of experience in Krav Maga instruction, in Israel and around the world and in a direct and inseparable connection to education, the academy has established a program in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, in which students study their Krav Maga method and teaching. In addition to its branches in Israel and abroad, the academy operates within the framework of shelter of the Ministry of Welfare, accompanies and operates instructors in associations for children and youth at risk and provides a real-time response to schools and institutions for cases of violence.

Much of the academy’s activity is concentrated in training:

  1. Teaching Staffs – Training of educators and professionals teachers, protected counselors and home parents. Training crews to speak in self-defense.
  2. Self-Defense Teachers – Training of physical education teachers to teach self-defense in accordance with the needs of the Ministry of Education and according to its pedagogical requirements
  3. School Instructors – Training of instructors dedicated to working in schools with children and youth as part of its program at the Ministry of Education.
  4. Krav Maga instructors in Israel – The instructors of the academy staff began their careers as full-time trainees in the various branches, trained under the guidance of the senior staff and then underwent their training as Krav Maga instructors at the Wingate Institute.
  5. Training Assistants – a program designed for children and youth among the academy’s students in its various branches
  6. Krav Maga Instructors Abroad – The entire team of instructors abroad has been trained under the academy and instruct according to the same standards

In our humble opinion, proper education through the method of Krav Maga can significantly prevent a large percentage of the violence problems that exist around us today. We believe in change, without faith, we would not see our future and the future of our children here. We create and work for this fearless social change, from small to large, in order to plant and strengthen our Zionist roots, while assimilating the cornerstones of the system values, mutual respect and discipline.


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Ministry of Education, Shelters and Institutions

We all, as parents and teachers, want our children to grow up with a sense of security, ability and high self-esteem. We work to ensure that our children invest in an empowering learning experience and that they have the tools to face difficulties and flourish both through the challenges and thanks to them. It is very important to us that our children know how to be guarded, to avoid violence – physical, verbal or emotional, and when there is no choice but to defend themselves against aggression of any kind.


The purpose of the training track presented here is to provide teachers with the tools to instill in their students skills that will give them greater self-confidence and mental and physical resilience, high ability to cope with a variety of personal and social situations and consequently fulfill themselves more successfully and reap better academic results. The training program is based on the BARAI model, a model developed by the Israeli Krav Maga Academy from extensive work with thousands of Children and Youth – from a very wide range of educational frameworks, family and mental backgrounds, different ages and social contexts.


The model, which includes four main divisions (detailed below), was built and implemented with great success within the content world of self-defense studies for children, youth and adults, but at the same time it is currently used as a principled and dynamic teaching method, that Combining cohesive methods and tutorials suitable for any world of educational content.


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