Teaching Staff Training

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Teaching Staff Training

We all, as parents and teachers, want our children to grow up with a sense of security, ability and high self-esteem. We work to ensure that our children invest in an empowering learning experience and that they have the tools to face difficulties and flourish both through the challenges and thanks to them. It is very important to us that our children know how to be guarded, to avoid violence - physical, verbal or emotional, and when there is no choice but to defend themselves against aggression of any kind.   The purpose of the training track presented here is to provide teachers with the tools to instill in their students skills that will give them greater self-confidence and mental and physical resilience, high ability to cope with a variety of personal and social situations and consequently fulfill themselves more successfully and reap better academic results. The training program is based on the BARAI model, a model developed by the Israeli Krav Maga Academy from extensive work with thousands of Children and Youth - from a very wide range of educational frameworks, family and mental backgrounds, different ages and social contexts.   The model, which includes four main divisions (detailed below), was built and implemented with great success within the content world of self-defense studies for children, youth and adults, but at the same time it is currently used as a principled and dynamic teaching method, that Combining cohesive methods and tutorials suitable for any world of educational content.  

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First Division


The purpose of this study division is to present to the teachers the pedagogical logic behind all the training. The BARAI model is a teaching method whose strength lies in the fact that it is very structured and at the same time flexible and gives each teacher the ability to adapt his learning content and bring his students to academic achievement, along with personal empowerment and life skills. In other words, the educational method is naturally embedded in the acceptable educational content system.

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Second Division


The division's goal is to train teachers to teach the basics of self-defense. The training works on the most necessary foundations for any person who has been or is almost-caught in a variety of situations of violence. This division includes the following two content worlds:
A. The language of self-defense - understanding the root of the problem (negative behavior stems from the need for self-defense), assimilating thought patterns of self-defense, the core principles of the Krav Maga method, concepts in self-defense like boundaries and personal space, and more.
B. Self-Defense Techniques - This section includes content that prepares teachers to deal with violent incidents at school themselves, which occur in real time, according to school procedures. Teachers will also teach students how to deal with relevant situations of school violence.

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Third Division

Interpersonal Communication

This content division is important for two main reasons: First, it not only makes it possible to effectively resolve Problematic situations in the classroom, but also teaches to leverage them for the benefit of students. Second, it creates a learning climate and a teacher-student relationship that enables and encourages great trust, a platform for safe personal development and greater academic success.

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Fourth Division

Teach and Instill Life Skills

To a large extent, this is the most important and central content world, but it requires high exposure time in front of students and a lot of work on self-achievement, personal coping and problem solving. It should be noted that life skills largely overlap with the principles of the Krav Maga method and therefore it is essential to address them when teaching self-defense.

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What people say about us

parents share – letters of appreciation 

For Itai who is a child with special needs, it is important to be open and accept him by the instructors and the other children.
The contribution is that he has to meet the standards and rules of conduct, and generally succeeds in, of the other children in the class.
Itai learns to defend himself, he learns discipline and friendship and many more habits and rules. I hope he’ll know to use it when he’ll need it.
Thank you for all the years you, and the instructors and the children have accept him.

Varda Admon

My daughters Eden and Chen have been participating in Krav Maga for about seven years and Sapir for about a year.
My daughters really enjoy attending Krav Maga classes and are looking forward to it.
The training has contributed a lot to my daughters: to their ability to defend themselves, with great knowledge of caution and avoidance of dangers, to their self-confidence and physical fitness.
I highly recommend this class and I think every child should learn Krav Maga from an early age.

Iris Baranez

I have been training with Shahar since the age of 4 and a half and today I am 18 and a half years old.
Except for one year break, I studied Krav Maga for 14 years.
Krav Maga has contributed a lot to me in terms of personal confidence and self-discipline.
Apart from the sense of empowerment that you get from such power and knowledge that you possess, you learn when and how to use it, to keep it only for very extreme situations and only when there is no other choice.
Krav Maga is an educator for values and I would be happy to see more people who can defend themselves in order not to fall victim to one crime or another.

Guy Erez

Dear Shachar, we wanted to thank you for the amazing attitude and sensitivity you have towards the children.
Shakedi started training more than 4 years ago, insecure and weak. And today after years of perseverance, Shaked has confidence and fitness.
We want to thank you for the Krav Maga and for what you pass on to the children beyond the class.
Thanks for everything!

Shaked and Sigal Yosef

I took my son, Erez, to a Krav Maga class at the age of three and a half, after seeing every day for three weeks how children from his kindergarten push him, take things from him, destroy the things he builds, and he stands helpless and cries.
We came to Shachar to learn Krav Maga – the investment and effort were worthwhile.
Today Erez goes to the kindergarten with confidence, he has learned to say “no, I do not like it” and if necessary – also to stand his ground in front of other children.

Michal, Erez's mother

This is the third year that my three children are learning Krav Maga.
From year to year I see how my children are more confident, calmer and physically stronger.
As a mother, I recommend that every parent enroll their children to KMA Krav Maga class, because the skills acquired in the class are a must, such as writing and reading in a first grade school.
I would like to thank you and wish you success in the future as well.
See you again at the next school year!

Marina Shklyar, mother of Liel, Itai and Ilay

I am Jasmine Inbar, mother of Ravid and Noa, who are training for the second year with Shachar Izraeli.
I want to express my satisfaction with KMA and especially with the way Shachar runs the training center.
It is evident that the class improves their physical ability, provides them tools for self-defense and improves their self-confidence.
It is also evident that Shachar invests time and effort so that the training is varied and useful while restraining self-respect and respecting others.
Beyond being a professional coach Shachar is an example and role model for a person who serves in an educational role.

Jasmine Inber

Two of my sons, ages 6 and 9, have been practicing Krav Maga for the second and third year under Shcahar izraeli.
We signed up because we had to deal with physical violence that my children experienced.
KMA gave us self-defense, confidence and self-esteem and abilities to face challenges.
Leading discourse at the beginning of each lesson with solutions for dealing with extreme situations, delayed gratifications, teamwork, self-confidence and developing sports skills.
All this in class with an instructor and instructor assistants, through play combining defense skills, humor and positive reinforcements.

Dina Grad

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