Adult Training Facility

Come and feel the adrenaline pulsating through your veins, the excitement, the action and the fun!!!

The maze has long and narrow corridors that occasionally require crawling and climbing.
Large and small rooms behind doors, and especially a lot of attackers who will surprise you and you will have to deal with them and demonstrate your ability in Self-Defense.
This is not another routine training session, this is the real thing!
In addition, we have built training stations outside the maze that will challenge you physically and mentally.
The beauty of all this, is that the maze is suitable for everyone – does not need previous experience.
Just have to dare and believe we can do it 🙂

An experience of success that will burn in you!
Come and say … I can! I did it!

So what are you waiting for ???
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Self-Defense for Children and Youth


  • Empowerment – lead to a significant and noticeable improvement in self-belief and self-confidence that will be reflected in the various frameworks in the life routine
  • Social and personal awareness
  • Learning and practicing self-defense techniques specific to bullying situations
  • Providing unique and specific knowledge
  • Personal satisfaction and enjoyment
  • Dealing with challenges

Training Camp Program
The curriculum is theoretical and practical and focuses on:

  • Understanding the principles of Krav Maga – self-defense guidelines
  • The formula for self-defense
  • The distinction between self-defense and violence
  • Practice Krav Maga techniques (self-defense)
  • Life skills – improving coping skills – regulation, dealing with frustration, let go (knowing when it’s right and when it’s not)
  • Belonging – I’m not alone!
  • Fear – when positive and protecting me and when I am required to dare
  • Status-compatible response – practice correct and quick decision making in stressful situations
  • Bullying – coping during an event and between events
  • Improving the ability to set boundaries – customizing how and when
  • Preventive thinking – from understanding and not out of emotional distress
  • Pre-Fight – Code of Conduct – Clear rules in verbal and / or physical confrontation situations to prevent escalation
  • Event – modes of action and correct decision making
  • The distinction between “firmness” and “aggressiveness”
  • Self-confidence – the use of voice & gaze & body language and walking, appearance & initial impression
  • Situation analysis & interpretation
  • Practicing outdoors – Dealing with everyday scenarios in school and in public park
  • History of the Krav Maga method, which was born in response to bullying

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Children with Special Needs


  • Empowerment – establishing and strengthening self-belief and accordingly the self-esteem
  • Relevance – training in the reality situations relevant to the training group and in personalization by mediating the situation
  • Situation-compatible response – Improving the ability to respond appropriately to changing situations by building a toolbox of responses based on understanding situations
  • Calming and venting – Giving legitimacy and emotional validity


  • Development of life skills (with an emphasis on regulation, dealing with frustration, problem solving and accepting the other)
  • Customized self-defense skills – Physical movement, cognitive and emotional
  • Self-Confidence – use of voice, gaze, body language and posture
  • protectiveness – Dangers in the natural environment, body boundaries and understanding when something is “unpleasant”
  • Understanding situations – the ability to set boundaries. How and when in accordance with the personal resources of the trainee
  • Decision Making
  • Appropriate response
  • Personal interpretation and the direct connection to understanding situations
  • physical education – Development of the five components of physical fitness, with an emphasis on the critical components for the age group and physical coping abilities

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Training facility for children and youth

The “Maze” is a unique training facility. A sweeping and unforgettable field experience in a professional, safe and unique training facility in Israel, in a complex that is opened just for you, for a limited time.
Stability and a sense of security are part of a number of measures of family’s resilience.
We invite you, dear families, to further strengthen your child and your family resilience.

We built a huge maze, built of 2.5-meter-high hay cubes! Long and narrow corridors, crawling and climbing. Large and small rooms behind doors and especially a lot of tasks you’re going to have to deal with and demonstrate your self-defense ability.

Dear parents, this is a fun day of family formation.
Exploiting the values of cooperation and helping others while enhancing children’s sense of ability, girls and boys alike. Enter the maze with your children. Experience them and with them, challenges and tasks and especially fun and enjoyment.
We invite you to join our family 🙂

So what are you waiting for ??? For details and registration

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